Ever walk down the street and have a scent transform you to your younger days? Or hear a song on the radio that reminds you of that perfect summer trip with your friends? Your first dance at your wedding?

Auditory and Scent memories are some of the strongest when it comes to recalling feelings and events from the past. One social worker is using music to bring back memories for seniors who live with memory loss. His work has been astounding as long-term care facilities all over the US adopt this approach to help their seniors live fuller, more meaningful lives.

This video is the trailer for “Alive Inside”, a documentary that follows social worker Dan Cohen as he tries to help those with memory loss combat it with the power of music. Cohen is the founder of Music & Memory, a nonprofit that brings personalized music to the elderly. After hearing reports on the positive effects of music and the ease of using iPods, he was shocked that no long-term care facilities in the US were using this technology to improve their residents’ lives. He began volunteering at a local nursing home, creating personalized playlists for the residents. It was a huge success, causing Cohen to seek funding to expand the program. The program is now at hundreds of facilities, all certified through Cohen’s organization.

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