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Tool Kits for Practitioners and Caregivers


  • 4 Simple Steps for a Dementia Friendly Art Program 

  • Touch Quilts for Dementia: How Seniors Benefit:  
  • Tips to Make the Most of Your Creative Experience with Your Seniors Part 1: 
  • Tips to Make the Most of Your Creative Experience with Your Seniors Part 2:   
  • Tips to Make the Most of Your Creative Experience with Your Seniors Part 3: 
  • How to Lead an Intuitive Painting Session with Seniors: 

Web Resources:

Creative Caregivers Toolkit by the National Centre for Creative Aging

Creativity Matters:  The Arts and Aging Toolkit

Creative Aging Toolkit for Libraries

Pinterest – Creative Aging:  News, images, and resources related to the arts and older adult

Directory of Organizations Offering Creative Activities

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Age Exchange
Capital Age Festival

Reading List on Creative Aging

Scholarly Journals:

International Journal of the Creative Arts in Interdisciplinary Practice

Reading List on Creative Aging

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