Spending time with your friends, family, and colleagues leads to longer, healthier and more fulfilling lives!

Harvard University researchers have been gathering data for nearly seventy-five years in order to track the lifespan, happiness, and health of seniors in the United States. The research has been around for so long that they have been able to now include children and grandchildren into the sample.

What they have found is that continual communication and interaction with people in our communities on a regular basis leads to fuller and healthier lives. It’s no wonder many government grants are focusing on the deisolation of seniors across Canada through day programs, senior community hubs and arts and fitness programs. Not only does socialization improve the lives of seniors everywhere but the long-term result is less demand on the healthcare system. So go out there and say hi to a friend, volunteer, or pick up a new skill while meeting someone new along the way. Your body will thank you!

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