Family Group Self-Care Activities you can do as a Family!

Sometimes we get so overwhelmed with the different day to day activities, we can find it difficult to wind down, and really make meaningful and relaxing memories with our loved ones. It won’t be surprising to hear that caregiver fatigue can be detrimental to mental wellbeing and has a negative impact on all family and […]

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How Art Therapy Can Heal – Toolkit

Art Therapy has been used for many years as an effective tool for helping people work through psychological issues or trauma, however in recent years, we have seen an uptake in utilizing concepts from Art Therapy as a strong social activity for Seniors. Seniors who are active physically or artistically had better health results, fewer […]

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Just Add Vitamin G: Nurturing Individual, Intergenerational and Community Wellbeing in the Garden

Submitted by Advisor to the Creative Aging Calgary Society Board, Ralph Hubele I had the great fortune to introduce the speakers for the session “Just Add Vitamin G: Nurturing Individual, Intergenerational, and Community Wellbeing in the Garden” at our 2018 Creative Aging Symposium. The session was well attended by approximately fifty individuals keen to learn […]

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