Murals are popping up all over the beltline thanks to the BUMP Community Mural Program. If you haven’t seen, there are a number of murals painted by local artists all around the beltline neighourhood. The art has brought a much needed splash of colour to many buildings and has become a source of conversation among the residents.

Why not try and create a mural of your own? Perhaps it could be for your facility, for a community group, or even a fun family activity.

We recently learned how to create a collaborative mural during one of our Pop Art Sessions hosted at the Silvera Willow Creek on the Bow residence. This program sought to provide seniors with an artistic and creative outlet right where they live. We had each senior paint a tile that would later piece together to reveal a large mural with a coordinated design.

The activity was led by Artist Jane Finlay. She designed the outline of what the mural would be, but the seniors had no idea what the final outcome was. Each person painted their own tile and then at the end was when the final product was pieced together.

They loved the final design, and having each senior paint their own tile meant that their personality could come through.

Since this was during the summer we opted to paint outside, but this is an activity you can do indoors or outdoors (and rather inexpensively).

Enjoy the photos, and scroll to the bottom to download a tool kit you can use to plan  your own collaborative mural activity!

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